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Pharmaceutical Projects

J. Fletcher Engineers Ltd provides comprehensive “in-house”, process & environmental mechanical services installations, fulfilling the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

 J Fletcher Engineers Ltd. Pharmaceutical team offers

All aspects of the high quality installation of building & process mechanical services and their direct associated engineering works, including:

  • USP
  • WFI
  • Clean steam
  • Medical & Laboratory gases
  • Laboratory & process drainage, including drainage cooling systems
  •  Cryogenic systems
  • Jacketed pipework
  • Specialist coated pipework
  • Natural Gas system with in house CORGI engineers
  • Vessel manufacture
  • Heating and chilled water installations,
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Soil and waste installations
  • Domestic water services
  •  Skid units & containerised plant rooms
  • CORGI support services
  • Commissioning
  • Structures & platforms
  • Orbital & coded welding
  • Process controls
  • Production machinery manufacture
  • Product handling

Our multi-disciplined team culture is to work with clients and our IPS Network colleagues, in the interests of the project by providing cost effective solutions within the shortest time scales. The seamless inter-relationship of all our divisions on an particular projects achieved by the appointment of a board director who has a direct authority of command immediate actions in any area.

This philosophy is extended into the IPS Network operating culture, which  ultimately provides an immediate, proactive, & practical response to problems, resulting in agreed solutions promptly, with known, recognized & quantified consequences.

This practical and “hands on” ethos is prevelent throughout the Company and it's popularity with our Clients is  demonstrated by the fact that much of our workload is repeat business or through recommendation. Our responsive culture extends deep into the Company at all levels, which is reflected in the extension and successful implementation of an increasing range of  interrelated services, continually requested by our Clients.

Flexibility is also one of the Company's strengths. Whilst we operate under our own procedures, we can also work under the auspices of our IPS Network's thorough disciplines and we can also accommodate our Client's systems, if overall, the situation is more efficient, effective and does not compromise the project in hand.

One such service, continually demanded by all our clients is spend ! Whilst our culture provides rapid response & solutions, there are inevitably external situations over which we can have only limited influence. Again, in response to our Client's needs we have developed 25,000 sq ft of factory into dedicated areas for the production of prefabricated items, providing greater quality control, off-setting lead times and mitigating external problems, with shorter site times and more competitive products.

Our manufacturing works provides:

  • Segregated stainless steel prefabrication & manufacturing.
  • Quarantined areas
  • Machinery manufacture
  • Tanks & vessel manufacture
  • Complete plant assembly including electrical, controls & commissioning
  • Complete plant rooms, including contents & permanent structures
  • Prefabricated structural assemblies, complete with all mechanical services pipework, drainage, as well as electrical services, delivered, coordinated & complete to site



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